Prof. Fausto Pedro García  is interviewed by the «Asociación Española de Ensayos No Destructivos» about the experience of Ingenium Research Group in Non Destructive Testing NDT).

Prof. Fausto has been working for 22 years as principal investigator in NDT related projects, initially applied to rail transport systems, with European projects, e.g., SAFERAIL and INTERAIL and, later, in renewable energies such as photovoltaic plants (national projects RA4PV and SCARAB), concentrating solar power plants (European INTERSOLAR project), wind turbines (European projects NIMO, OPTIMUS, and national projects OPTIWINDSEAPOWER, WINDSEAENERGY, and ICINGBLACES), etc. Currently, Prof. Fausto is the main researche of an important European European project, ENDURUNS (9 million of euros), where unmanned autonomous vehicles, unmanned autonomous vehicles and submarine and surface vehicles for oceans and seas, are powered by renewable energies. This project employs a set of inspection techniques for various targets based on NDT. Ourresearch has focused primarily on the development and application of new algorithms for signal and image processing, although we have occasionally developed new NDT systems, generating six patents.
Scientific productivity (books, articles, etc.) has been growing exponentially, as has the exponentially, as well as the number of references to our work, all thanks to the continuous increase in the number of collaborations that the of the group’s collaborations with companies and other universities.