The 2nd International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligent Information Systems (ICUIS 2022) was organized by Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College, Tamil Nadu, India on 10-11, March 2022. ICUIS aims to develop a new research forum for researchers, academicians and industrialist to share and exchange their potential insights on the design, implementation and analysis of ubiquitous computing models in intelligent information systems.

Ingenium Research Group has participated with several works. Pedro Bernalte has presented the paper titled «Innovative Technologies Developed for Autonomous Marine Vehicles by ENDURUNS project». The interest for offshore areas exploitation, has increased in the last years. The marine industry is suffering a great growth. These facts motivate the employment of autonomous marine vehicles for monitorization, survey or maintenance works. In this paper, it is exposed the ENDURUNS project. This innovative European initiative develops a sustainable offshore exploration system based in two coordinated autonomous marine vehicles (surface and underwater vessels), both powered by renewable energies. This project involves great technical challenges due to the goal of zero emissions performance. The communications infrastructures  also suppose an important milestone to achieve a real time monitoring of the system by the user from the remote-control centre. The energy systems employed (solar photovoltaic and hydrogen fuel cell technologies) bring a distinguishing point respect the currently marine vehicles market. Finally, the sensors and instrumentation implemented in the vehicles allow a high inspection capacity, all of this supported by a complex software customization.