air ingenium

Ingenium Research Group, as a result of the research on industrial maintenance carried out throughout the years, decided to continue those tasks using Drones.  Recently the group has been recognized as an Authorized Operator by the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency (AESA) with registration number 2016072432, 27th of December, 2017 (page 170). The declared activities are:

  1. Research activities
  2. Photography development
  3. Filming and aerial surveys (topographic surveys, photogrammetry)
  4. Research and instrumental recognition: calibration of equipment, meteorological, maritime, geological, oil or archaeological exploration, link and transmissions, transmitters, receiver, radio or television repeater
  5. Observation and aerial surveillance including filming and monitoring activities of forest fires
  6. Emergency, search and rescue operations

photovoltaic energy services

Solar panels have several causes that generate losses in the production of electrical energy, such as by connection, angular and spectral, by dust and dirt, or temperature, etc.

agricultural services

Ingenium Group works on several application fields. Aerial inspections in agriculture has a great projection. It is possible to inspect and controll larger extensions with accuracy and efficiency.


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