Every year from now, up to 20.000 turbines around the world will be entering the second half of their 20-year design life, already having long since fallen out of standard manufacturer warranties. The turbines now increasingly attracting the attention of O&M technicians are bigger, heavier, taller, and much more complex than their predecessors. The 2nd annual Excellence in Wind Turbine Life-Cycle Management Forum will be held on 20–21 June 2022, and during the two days of the event our speakers from leading energy companies will cover the following topics:

  • Digitalization and AI: Maximizing energy production through the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies
  • Best-practice in predictive wind blade maintenance: A focus on predictive, preventive, and autonomous maintenance
  • A scrutiny of the relationship between the operator and the OEM
  • A focus on the key optimization actions to achieve operational efficiency
  • Case study: Choosing the best O&M strategies for turbines nearing end-of-life
  • A focus on data-driven O&M
  • Excellence in wind turbine predictive maintenance

Professor Fausto Pedro García is participating in the panel «A focus on wind turbines in extreme weather conditions», about effective condition-based and predictive maintenance for turbines, scenarios for potential damage repair and downtime minimization, the role of digitalization and new forecasting techniques and an overview of successful O&M procedures for onshore
and offshore turbines in harsh weather conditions.

More information: https://tbmgroup.eu/product/2nd-annual-excellence-in-wind-turbine-life-cycle-management-forum/