Ingenium Research Group of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) received  one of the Honors «Gran Maestre Don Rodrigo Téllez Girón», awarded by the Calatrava Virtus Association last Thursday, May 26th in Moral de Calatrava. The event was held in Moral de Calatrava (Ciudad Real), sponsored by the City Council of the town and the Association for the Development of Campo de Calatrava and UCLM professor Javier Morales acted as the main speaker of the event.

Ingenium Research Group led by Professor Fausto Pedro García Márquez, received one of the distinctions during the ceremony. This group is formed by two researchers from Moral de Calatrava, Pedro José Bernalte Sánchez and Isaac Segovia Ramírez; Ana María Peco Chacón, from Bolaños, and Alba Muñoz del Río, among others. Ingenium is a multidisciplinary research group formed by members from different countries, with extensive experience in national and international projects. Its mission is to contribute to improving social welfare through the execution of projects in the fields of engineering, business administration and economics, and the pursuit of excellence in research.

El grupo Ingenium, de la UCLM, recibe uno de los honores ‘Gran Maestre Don Rodrigo Téllez Girón’ de la Asociación ‘Calatrava Virtus’

Moral de Calatrava entrega los honores Gran Maestre

Moral de Calatrava entrega los honores Gran Maestre este jueves