Prof. Fausto Pedro Garcia is member of the AI4People 2020 Committees in Energy. AI4People was established in June 2017 with a three year roadmap, to create a public space for laying out the founding basis, policies and practices on which to build a “good AI society”.

AI4People’s 2020 program aims towards the creation of the first 7 Good AI Global Frameworks, with the concrete objective of considering the impact that the 7 Key Requirements will have within 7 vertical business sectors (Automotive, Banking & Finance, Energy, Healthcare, Insurance, Legal Services Industry, Media & Technology) and, establishing concrete and practical steps that each sector must take to be compliant with respect to the 7 Key Requirements for a Trustworthy AI. 

Prof. Fausto Pedro Garcia has contributed to the development of the final version of the AI4People 2020 Report, available online.