Prof. Fausto García Márquez will present the advances of Ingenium Group about wind turbine maintenance managenet in the «Excellence in Wind Turbine Life-Cycle Management» on 14-15 th June. The meeting is focused on the examination of the full turbine life-cycle and the operation and maintenance (O&M) activities, showing and learning about best practices for both onshore and offshore assets. 

Over the two days you will have the opportunity to discuss a broad range of current topics crucial for wind turbine life-cycle management:

  • Challenges in O&M decision making
  • Best practice & technical innovations in wind power operations and maintenance
  • What is the best option: Lifetime Extension, Repowering or Dismantling?
  • An in-depth scrutiny of regulatory frameworks for end-of-life management
  • Best-practice in onshore wind turbine predictive maintenance
  • Exploring end-of-life scenarios for wind blades
  • A focus on onshore O&M
  • Atlantis: Shaping the future of robotized O&M in Offshore Wind

Excellence in Wind Turbine Life-Cycle Management