Ingenium will attend the International Research Conference & Award Summit on January 29-31st 2021. This conference is organizated by the Indian Institute of Finance (IFF), Delhi (india). The main topics are based on finance, economics, management, innovation and igital dividens, among others. More than 86 research works from 49 countries and 72 universities will be shared in the IIF International Research Conference.

Prof. Fausto Pedro García Márquez participates in a technical session with a exposition about «Artificial Intelligence and Energy». In this topic, it is analyzed the key role of the artificial intelligence in the energy sector. Artificial intelligence is fundamental for the current industrial environment. Different decisions in the energy sector are required to obtain a suitable response and to manage large volume of data.

Zoom Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 999-932-1585 (Room Opens 9 AM IST India) NO Password