Renewable energies offshore are becoming a significant contributor to the total energy produced in some countries and the interest in the subject is increasing. The 4th International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore (RENEW 2020) will be held at Congress Centre on the IST Alameda campus in Lisbon, Portugal on 12 – 15 October 2020. This Conference aims to contribute to the exchange of information about the developments and experience obtained in concept development, design and operation of such devices. 

Preliminary program

Ingenium will present different works: 

  • Optimal maintenance management of offshore wind farms by genetic algorithms (1116): T. Benmessaoud & F. P. García Márquez.  
  • Detection of structural defects in wind turbine blades employing Guided Waves and Machine Learning methods (2119) P. Sanchez Granados, C. Q. Gómez Muñoz & F. P. García Márquez. 
  • New approaches for renewable energy management in autonomous marine vehicles (2114) P.J. Bernalte, F.P. García Márquez, S. Marini, F. Bonofoglio, L. Barbieri, N. GjeciE.Ottaviani, S. Govindaraj, S. Coene, A. But, J. Pedersen, C. Vetke, F. MadricardoF.Foglini, M. Antonini, S. Montenegro, P. Weiss, K. Nowak, M. Peer, T. Gobert, A. Turetta, E. Chatzidouros, D. Lee, T. Yamas & M. Papaelias.
  • Special Session Condition based Maintenance – Fausto García Márquez