Fausto Pedro García Márquez and Alberto Pliego Marugán have published a new monography entitled “Manual Práctico para la optimización de la Toma de Decisiones”. This work has been edited by Pearson that is one of the most important international editorials in this field.

The objective of the book is to present different methods for decision making in an industrial context. With this purpose, the authors propose a methodology that can be very useful for making decisions not only based on the knowledge or the experience, but also based on quantitative information.

The book is structured in 6 Chapters where the reader is taken from a general point of view until specific case studies.  Firstly, the motivation, the objectives and the current context are analyzed to introduce the reader to the decision-making problems. Then, some mathematical and graphical tools are explained in detail. Particularly, the Logical Decision Trees and the Binary Decision Diagrams are the tools that form the basis of this book. Finally, several case studies are solved by following the methodology explained.

The book may be very attractive for professionals and students in economics or engineering interested in improving their decision-making skills.

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision” (Maimonides, 1190)