Fausto Pedro García Márquez presented the main advances in Research and Learning of Ingenium Research Group in the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan (2016).

The Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), the vice-president Isa Habibbayli science in the modern world, the role of education in this area and spoke about the high achievements. National Academy of Sciences, who conducted fruitful research results.

It was noted that science plays an important role in the development of humanity. Major changes have been made possible thanks to science in different societies. The countries with strong traditions of scientific potential and were able to escape the ranks of world powers. The existing realities in the field of scientific research, sustainable traditions and studied the prospects of a serious attempt to produce objective results.

Academies and universities in the world with a capacity of scientific innovation of the industrial enterprises and economic entities, and even the existence of defense production areas of academic science, spoke about the work done in this direction.

Addressing the meeting, the president of the Moldovan Academy of Sciences (NAS), academician Georgi Duka spoke about the main activities of the organization. He is guided by highly skilled scientific staff and public policy at the National Academy of Sciences established a high school for gifted children in the educational process had been done in the direction of new strategies and technologies. It was noted that to attract young people, their activities, it is necessary to stimulate the implementation of grant projects.