Ingenium Research Group (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha) is focused on different projects about Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics. Ingenium presents the incorporation of 8 new members. This work contract is focused on IoT platforms and data analysis of SCADA data. Python is chosen for this project, with the aim of implementing machine learning algorithms in the IoT platform. Ingenium continues working the IoT project focused on Renewable Energies, an industrial strategic sector for the European Union, together with the Artificial Intelligence.   

Biswaroop Nath is a highly skilled and experienced Machine Learning Engineer with a strong background in developing and implementing complex algorithms and models. He is currently in a B. Tech (IT) in the School of Computer Science Engineering, he was awarded with Science Olympiad Foundation IMO (2017-2018-19) and Aditya Academy Senior Secondary (2012, 2010)

Viraaj Singh is pursuing B.Tech from KIIT University Odisha in Information Technology, His main interest are data structures, algorithms, data base management system, big data and data mining.

Utpal Kant Singh is a results-driven computer science student from KIIT University, developing user-friendly software applications. Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to perform well in a team.

Sahil Patel is a 3rd year student of Information Technology with a decent knowledge in Programming
as well as in Machine Learning,App Development and Web Development.

Anshuman Sharma is developing a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in Kalinga Institute Of Industrial Technology Bhubaneswar (India). He has collaborated in several projects, e.g., Breast cancer disease detection-A Case Study, Multi class Classification of Intel Image, International Space Station.

Mritunjay Kumar is developing a Bachelor of Technology(Information Technology), KIIT DU,  Bhubaneswar. He has different technical skills in C, C++, Python, SQL and JavaScript.

Rebanta Chakraborty is currently pursuing the third year B.Tech student in Information Technology from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Odisha. He has a keen interest in Web Development (both Frontend and Backend) and Machine Learning.

Divyansi Mishra is currently developing a B Tech in Information Technology in Kalinga Institute of
Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar (India). She has experience in different projects in Python and JavaScript.