• Publications in 2022

The Research is one of the main issues in Ingenium Group. The publications show the productivity, and they are employed to protect the intellectual property of the research work done. This report shows and analyses the publications in 2022 and over the last years. Download the report here.

Out of 52 journal papers have been published in journals in 2022, 15 papers have been published in Q1, which presents an increment of 6 papers from 2021 (see Figure 2). 

33 papers were published in Journals catalogued into the Journal Citation Report (JCR)[1]. In 2022, 15 manuscripts were published in Q1, 8 in Q2, 6 in Q3 and 4 in Q4, being the maximum number of research papers published in Q1 ever (see Figures 6&7).

19 manuscripts were published in other journals, 17 in Intelligent Technologies and Robotics and 2 in AEND. It can be concluded that quality of the journals where the papers have been published has increased according to previous years, and the number of research papers published in journals maintain almost constant with regards to 2021, especially in journals in JCR with 33, where the maximum was in 2021 with 36, where in 2022 there were 15 Q1 and in 2021 was 10. It is important to note that the Qi has been estimated considered the impact factor of the journals in 2021, but the manuscripts have been published in 2022.

 8 international books have been published in 2022, in the main editorials in the worldwide such as 5 in Springer, 2 in Intech and 1 in IEEE (Figure 4).

Ingenium has presented the main advances in the most relevant International conferences, e.g., “16th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management”, “16th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management (ICIEIM) – XXVI Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización (CIO2022)”, “International Conference on Integrated Emerging Methods of Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing (3ICT)”  “2nd International Conference on Computing and Machine Intelligence”… publishing 19 manuscripts that have been considered in journal papers. The research and development activities have been done accomplished through more-effective products, processes or business models that are readily available to markets, governments and society. 


  • Publications over the time

Ingenium has published a total of 489 publications from 2002, see Figure 5.

Ingenium has showed the main scientific advances in the most important conferences, e.g., IEEE, IFORS, ICMSEM, CM, RENEW, AREMA, APMOD, E2KM, CIO, ECMS, ICAM, ICISM, RCM, SAFEPROCESS, WCCM, ICREPQ, …, presenting 98 conference papers.

The research group has published 48 books in the most important editorials, Elsevier, Springer, Pearson, Mc-GrawHill, IGI, Intech, MDPI, Nova Science, AlfaOmega, Marcombo, ProQuest, Academia Española, UCLM, etc. Ingenium has also published 109 international chapter books in these editorials.


The innovation tasks and activities developed in Ingenium together with the industry have produced 6 patents, 1 International and 5 Nationals