Ingenium Research Group will attend the International Conference on Integrated Emerging Methods of Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Computing (IEMAICLOUD) during April 26th to 29th. This conference is designed to help research organizations and business leaders to transform their organizations into AI companies- IEMAICLOUD aims to promote the dialogue between scientists, researchers and engineers though keynote speeches, workshops, panel discussion and oral presentations.

Isaac Segovia Ramírez and Fausto Pedro García will present «Classification Learner applied to False Alarms for Wind Turbine Maintenance Management». The wind energy market requires new advances to increase the competitiveness and the efficiency of the system. Different signals and alarms are obtained with supervisory control and data acquisition system. False alarms identification is one of the most critical issues in data analysis, causing unnecessary maintenance activities. A proper data analysis is essential to optimize maintenance activities and ensure costs savings. The novelty proposed in this paper is the filtering of the initial signal and alarm dataset to increase the reliability of an ensemble of algorithms with different nature are proposed to analyze the reliability of the alarm activations. The real case study proposed in this work provides an accuracy higher than 90% in all the cases.