Ingenium will attend the 7th International Conference on Control, Instrumentation and Automation 2021, placed in Tabiz (IRAN) during February 23-24th. This conference is organizated by the University of Tabriz. The development and enhancement of technical knowledge, as well as the exchange of the latest scientific findings and research results in the field of control engineering, Instrumentation and Automation, which are the results of researches have been done by craftsmen, researchers and thinkers at research centers and universities both inside and outside of the country, will be the main objectives of the conference. 

Pedro Bernalte has presented the article entitled “Wind Turbines Acoustic Inspections Performed with UAV and Sound Frequency Domain Analysis” in the field of Condition Monitoring Systems and Wind Turbines Maintenance management. The paper will be publisehd in IEEE digital library (IEEE Xplore) and indexed by EI. This article presents a new approach for wind turbines noise patterns using a deep acoustic analysis developed in the field on frequency domain. It is presented a new condition monitoring system supported by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a sound sensor. The validation is performed in a laboratory set and real test sample collection phase. The results obtained after the data computation process provides the detection of graphic variations in frequency spectrums, making possible a dissertation between scenarios. This evidence keeps open the future research about sound analytics methodology for the wind turbines maintenance.