Ingenium Research Group receives 121.059€ from the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha to carry out scientific research and a technology transfer project of 36 months. These funds have been co-financed by the Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, within the call for funds of Resolution of 18/12/2018, of Consejería de Educación, Cultura y Deportes.

The University of Castilla-La Mancha has obtained the approval of 86 projects with 6,416,069 €.

The energy and environmental policies of the European Union are aimed at promoting and developing offshore wind platforms, i.e.  the Spanish electricity system will depend more of this type of electricity generation systems. The wind turbines for this case are larger, more complex, and require high demands for safety, reliability, availability and maintainability. In this project, this problem is addressed with the aim being the comprehensive and optimal management of this type of wind turbine parks. 

The project starts with the intention of continuing and completing the WindSeaEnergy (DPI2012-31579) and OptiWindSeaPower (DPI2015-67264-P) National Projects, where more than 300 scientific references from high impact journals were analysed, observing that there are great shortcomings in the mathematical models that allow analyzing the signals that are being monitored to determine the state of the structures, as well as in the optimal management of wind turbines and offshore wind farms. 

WindSeaPro intends to continue and complete this study initiated in the field of the rotary and structural elements of the wind turbine, and the maintenance management thereof, making a more exhaustive study in the monitoring systems and methods of signal processing for the critical components. The data obtained from the aforementioned projects will be taken as a reference, in addition to the European OPTIMUS, NIMO, WINPRO and the National IcingBlades projects. A life cycle cost model for the predictive maintenance system will be developed. It is proposed to use mathematical models based on the analysis in time, frequency and time / frequency, as well as Transformed Wavellets, Neural Networks / Artificial Intelligence, methods based on the extraction of signal characteristics and derivatives of the System Transfer Function. The multivariate analysis will be done through Logical Decision Trees, which will be analyzed using Binary Decision Diagrams, and the important measures created by heuristic methods. This will allow controlling and optimizing the status of a wind turbine integrally. For the optimal management of the offshore wind farm, it will be considered as a Markovian decision problem, and the Restless Bandit indexes will be analyzed in order to determine the structure of the «Whittle» indices in different contexts. Finally, new indexes of significance based on costs will be created and the problem of optimization and its resolution will be formulated through metaheuristic methods to determine the optimal investment policy in the management of this type of parks. 

It will continue with the support of the most important companies in Spain. Ingenium makes possible the creation of more powerful scientific cooperation schemes, in order to achieve objectives that could hardly be considered in a context of more restricted execution. The team has a clear multidisciplinary nature, made up of members specialized in Industrial Engineering, Economics, Statistics and Operational Research, Econometrics and Energy, capable of mobilizing complementary knowledge of various scientific fields within the context of ProSeaWind.