Application of Decision Science in Business and Management is edited by Fausto Pedro García Márquez (Castilla-La Mancha University, Spain) and published on March 4th 2020, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.83336, ISBN: 978-1-83880-100-7, Print ISBN: 978-1-83880-099-4, eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-1-83880-764-1, Copyright year: 2020


Application of Decision Science in Business and Management is a book where each chapter has been contributed by a different author(s). The chapters introduce and demonstrate a decision-making theory to practice case studies. It demonstrates key results for each sector with diverse real-world case studies. Theory is accompanied by relevant analysis techniques, with a progressive approach building from simple theory to complex and dynamic decisions with multiple data points, including big data, lot of data, etc. Computational techniques, dynamic analysis, probabilistic methods, and mathematical optimization techniques are expertly blended to support analysis of multi-criteria decision-making problems with defined constraints and requirements. The book provides an interface between the main disciplines of engineering/technology and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of decision making. It is complementary to other sub-disciplines such as economics, finance, marketing, decision and risk analysis, etc.




  1. The Role of Reviews in Decision-Making

By Shaoqiong Zhao


  1. Decision-Making in Fuzzy Environment: A Survey

By Hossam Kamal El-Din, Hossam E. Abd El Munim and Hani Mahdi


  1. Business and Information System Alignment Theories Built on eGovernment Service Practice: An Holistic Literature Review

By Sulaiman Abdulaziz Alfadhel, Shaofeng Liu and Festus O. Oderanti


  1. How Does Socio-Technical Approach Influence Sustainability? Considering the Roles of Decision Making Environment

By Hadi AL-Abrrow, Alhamzah Alnoor, Hasan Abdullah and Bilal Eneizan


  1. A Framework for Detecting the Proper Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Method Taking into Account the Characteristics of Third-Party Logistics, the Requirements of Managers, and the Type of Input Data

By Patricija Bajec and Danijela Tuljak-Suban


  1. Decision Rule Induction Based on the Graph Theory

By Izabela Kutschenreiter-Praszkiewicz


  1. Inventory Policies for Deteriorating Items with Maximum Lifetime under Downstream Partial Trade Credits to Credit-Risk Customers by Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

By Nirmal Kumar Duari, Sorforaj Nowaj and Jobin George Varghese


  1. The Role of Wealth in Gain and Loss Perception: An Empirical Analysis

By Andrea Lippi


  1. Saving Time in Portfolio Optimization on Financial Markets

By Todor Atanasov Stoilov, Krasimira Petrova Stoilova and Miroslav Dimitrov Vladimirov


  1. A Global Method for a Two-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem in the Manufacturing Industry

By Yao-Huei Huang, Hao-Chun Lu, Yun-Cheng Wang, Yu-Fang Chang and Chun-Kai Gao


  1. Selection of Food Items for Diet Problem Using a Multi-objective Approach under Uncertainty

By Saman Hassanzadeh Amin, Samantha Mulligan-Gow and Guoqing Zhang


  1. Contribution of Professional Pedagogy to Decision-Making

By Franco Blezza


  1. A Query Matching Approach for Object Relational Databases Over Semantic Cache

By Hafiz Muhammad Faisal, Muhammad Ali Tariq, Atta-ur -Rahman, Anas Alghamdi and Nawaf Alowain