Publications in 2017

Ingenium has the research as one of the main objectives. This report shows and analyses the publications in 2017 and over the last year.

Ingenium has published 30 research works in 2017. Figure 1 shows the publications in 2017. Most of the publications were research papers, 18, being 8 papers published in Journals catalogued into the Journal Citation Report (JCR). JRC employs InCites, a customized citation-based research analytics tool on the Web that enables you to evaluate institutional productivity and benchmark your output against peers worldwide. Based on Impact Factor (IF) data, the JCR published by Thomson Reuters provides yearly rankings of science and social science journals, in the subject categories relevant for the journal (in fact, there may be more than one). Quartile rankings are therefore derived for each journal in each of its subject categories according to which quartile of the IF distribution the journal occupies for that subject category. Q1 denotes the top 25% of the IF distribution, Q2 for middle-high position (between top 50% and top 25%), Q3 middle-low position (top 75% to top 50%), and Q4 the lowest position (bottom 25% of the IF distribution). In 2017, 3 papers were published in Q1 (International Journal of Production Research,  Computers & Industrial Engineering, Structural Health Monitoring, ), 4-Q2 (Energies, Smart Structures and Systems, Maintenance and Reliability) and 1-Q3 (Acta Acustica United with Acustica). 10 papers were published in other journals, most of them published in International Conferences (ICMSEM, WCCM).

2 international books have been published in 2017, edited in Elsevier and Springer, the most important editorials in the worldwide. A chapter book has been also published in Springer.

Ingenium has presented the main advances in the most relevant International conferences, e.g. “First World Congress on Condition Monitoring-WCCM 2017”, “11th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management”, “2nd Annual Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum”,… publishing a total of 7 conference papers

The research and development activities has been done accomplished through more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business models that are readily available to markets, governments and society. The innovation activities of Ingenium has produces 2 patents.

Publications over the time

Ingenium has published a total of 251 publications, see Figure 2.

Ingenium has showed the main scientific advances in the most important conferences, e.g. IEEE, IFORS, ICMSEM, CM, RENEW, AREMA, APMOD, E2KM, CIO, ECMS, ICAM, ICISM, RCM, SAFEPROCESS, WCCM, ICREPQ,… presenting 85 conference papers.

The research group has been published 21 books in the most important editorials, Elsevier, Springer, Pearson, Mc-GrawHill, IGI, Intech, Nova Science, AlfaOmega, Marcombo, ProQuest, Academia Española, UCLM, etc. Ingenium has published also 59 international chapter books in these editorials.

The innovation tasks done in Ingenium together with the industry has produced 5 patents, 1 International and 4 Nationals.