Isaac Segovia and Fausto P. Garcia have attended to the 4th Edition Wind Power Big Data and IoT Forum, held in Wyndham Garden Berlin Mitte, Berlin, Germany, from 6th – 7th November 2017. Fausto, speaker´s committee, has presented the advanced done in Ingenium in Wind Power Big Data and IoT. The conference has analysed the following topics in different workshops:

Market Trends and Ice Detection Experience

Wind Resources Assessment and Forecasting in Cold Climate Conditions

Blade Defect Detection and Condition Monitoring

Ice Risks Assessments and Mitigation

Icephobic Coating and Turbine Performance In Cold Climates

Fausto was presenting a case study on “Ultrasonic Signals for Icing Blades Detection and Blade

Condition Monitoring”, considering

  • Icing blades prediction
  • Ultrasonic waves to detect ice on blades
  • Case study on NDT to predict ice on wind turbine blades