Toledo is truly one of Spain’s most magnificent cities. Dramatically sited atop a gorge overlooking the Río Tajo, it was known as the ‘city of three cultures’ in the Middle Ages, a place where – legend has it – Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities peacefully coexisted. Unsurprisingly, rediscovering the vestiges of this unique cultural synthesis remains modern Toledo’s most compelling attraction. Horseshoe-arched mosques, Sephardic synagogues and one of Spain’s finest Gothic cathedrals cram into its dense historical core. But the layers go much deeper. Further sleuthing will reveal Visigothic and Roman roots. Toledo’s other forte is art, in particular the haunting canvases of El Greco, the influential, impossible-to-classify painter with whom the city is synonymous. Though it’s justifiably popular with day trippers, try to stay overnight to really appreciate the city in all its haunting glory.

In Toledo, UCLM is divided into two campuses: in the city’s historical quarter, San Pedro Mártir Convent and the Madre de Dios building, which houses the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Humanities; in the “modern part of the city”, the
Science-Technology campus of the old Weapons Factory.

The 16th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management (ICIEIM) – XXVI Congreso de Ingeniería de Organización (CIO2022) will be held in San Pedro Mártir (Toledo).

Toledo is a very touristic city, with many options for accommodation. The following hotels are within walking distance from conference venue:

Hotel Real de Toledo

Hotel Abad de Toledo

Hotel Pintor el Greco

Casona de la Reyna

Hotel Santa Isabel

Hotel Eurico

Hotel San Juan de los Reyes

Hotel Palacio Eugenia de Montijo

Hotel Carlos V

Hotel Conquista de Toledo

San Pedro Martir (Toledo)

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