International Journal of Production Management and Engineering

International Journal of Production Management and Engineering

e-ISSN: 2340-4876     ISSN: 2340-5317

International Journal of Production Management and Engineering is an open access scientific journal that publishes theoretical and empirical peer-reviewed articles in English twice a year. Contributions must promote the progress and understanding of phenomena related with all aspects of production engineering and management.

Proposals of strategic, tactic or operative challenges in industrial or service organizations, such as individual enterprises, and supply or distribution network approaches, are considered. Morevoer, cross-disciplinary working areas, such a business process modelling, operation research, performance measurement systems, enterprise engineering or information technology, etc., as decision support systems are welcome.

  • Strategy and Design: Physical systems design, supply or distribution network design, business models & modelling, business process, behavioural issues, collaborative networks, risk management, software services and enterprise architectures, KPIs, inventory policies, etc., based on new models, methodologies, techniques, tools, etc.
  • Operations and Control: Demand forecasting, production planning & scheduling, order promising, project management, multi-level lot sizing, routing, etc., using exact heuristic or meta-heuristic methods based on fuzzy logic, mathematical models, intelligence software agents, methodologies, algorithms, etc.

Written specifically for and by academic researchers and practitioners of Production Management and Engineering, the Journal provides in-depth coverage of cutting-edge research and applications issues in the corresponding area. The Journal is committed to publishing refereed research papers and review papers that contribute to advance knowledge in the area.

Journal Citation Indicator 2020: 0.28
JCI Rank 2020: 100/169 Engineering, Multidisciplinar (41.12 percentile) Q3

CiteScore Rank 2020: 324/336 Engineering (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering) 1st; 386/399 Business, Management and Accounting (Business and International Management) 1st; 433/440 Business, Management and Accounting (Strategy and Management) 0th; 164/166 Decision Sciences (Management Science and Operations Research) 0th

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